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Breast Cancer CA 15-3 Rapid Test Kits

Early diagnosis IS KEY

Uncut Sheet for Detection of Veterinary (Animal Disease) 
Infectious Disease
Uncut Sheet for Detection of Infectious Disease
About Us


Early diagnosis can open the door to future care and treatment.

Easy to use



Fast results

Add Biomedical is a company specializing in making solutions for disease diagnosis. We will develop and supply various solutions that can overcome disease beyond simple biotechnology skills. Rapid diagnosis is our core technology, we are developing a various rapid diagnostics kits such as lateral flow assay(LFA) method for simple and fast detection of human and animal disease from pathogenic bacteria and virus.


Important Health Screenings

Screening is a different strategy than early diagnosis

It is defined as the presumptive identification of unrecognized disease in an apparently healthy, asymptomatic population by means of tests, examinations or other procedures that can be applied rapidly and easily to the target population.
A screening program must include all the core components in the screening process from inviting the target population to accessing effective treatment for individuals diagnosed with disease.
health screenings

Test Procedure - Home Test

Directions for use 1 :

Using capillary fingertip blood


Test Procedure - For Professional Use

Directions for use 2 : Using serum/

plasma/whole blood(venous blood)




Lateral flow test diagnostics

Basically, it is a simple to use diagnostic device used to confirm the presence or absence of a target analyte, such as pathogens or biomarkers in humans or animals, or contaminants in water supplies, foodstuffs, or animal feeds. The most commonly known type of lateral flow rapid test strip is the pregnancy test.

LFAs typically contain a control line to confirm the test is working properly, along with one or more target or test lines. They are designed to incorporate intuitive user protocols and require minimal training to operate. They can be qualitative and read visually, or provide data when combined with reader technology.



Advantages of lateral flow assays

Fast Results

Time-to-results are produced in less than 5 min

Cost Effective

Highly affordable end use cost for commercialization

Field Ready

Portable and can be operated in resource limited areas

Easy to Use

Testing made simple. Intuitive design with minimal handling

Key Factors

Early diagnosis
Saves Lifes

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